Frequently asked questions

Why is my monthly payment always the same?

We use a monthly tuition payment system. As you may know, some months have 5 weeks (5 lessons) while most months will have 4 weeks (4 lessons). Most lesson companies use a monthly payment system like us, but they often charge on a per lesson basis, leaving the customer with a higher payment on months with 5 weeks. At Ideal Music Lessons your monthly payment will never go up, but it can go down if a lesson is cancelled with at least a 24 hour notice and you or the teacher is unable to schedule a makeup lesson.

Will my payment be less if there are no lessons due to a holiday?

No. In our yearly schedule we have some dates marked where there will be no lessons given. These are dates such as December 25 (Christmas), January 1 (New Years Day), or July 4 (Independence Day). Also marked, are the months with 5 weeks (i.e. months with 5 Mondays, or 5 Tuesdays, etc...). We gaurantee our students 48 lessons per year (4 lessons per month). The way our calendar year works is that there are 21 days marked with no lessons and 24 days marked that are affected by the 5th week rule. So in short, everything evens out!

Do you have a studio location?

No. We soley provide in-home music lessons. We drive to you! Saving you time and energy.

I live far away from Minneapolis/St. Paul. Will you drive to me?

Maybe! Just ask! We serve the entire Twin Cities metro area. From Coon Rapids down to Lakeville, Chaska to Stillwater, Plymouth to Woodbury, and anywhere in between. We often get inquiries from further away and have driven as far as 50 miles to serve a student. It all depends on if it can work within the teachers schedule. Again, just ask and we'll see if we can make it work! :) (Lesson rates are subject to change for those outside of the Twin Cities Metro area)

How do payments work?

We use Square to run our business (www.squareup.com) and bill monthly. Electronic invoices are sent to your email at the beginning of every month and you may choose to pay them manually or set them to autopay. You simply add your info and a credit card to get the ball rolling. We never have full access to your credit card information so you can feel safe and secure. If you are ever have a question about a charge, please don't hesitate to ask. We pride ourselves on integrity and want to assure that our clients receive the services they've paid for.

Payments, Refunds, & Cancellation Policy

  1. Lesson plans are paid monthly by electronic invoice. Each lesson plan is set to a tuition based monthly rate in which the student will receive 1 lesson per week. Students are guaranteed 4 lessons per month on average. Refunds will not be issued for missed lessons due to holidays as there are some months with 5 weeks (5 lessons). (see calendar for more details)

  2. Student may cancel the lesson plan at any time but must give two weeks notice. Remaining paid lessons after the two weeks will be refunded to the student.

  3. Same day cancellation policy: 24-hour notice is required to avoid paying for a same day cancellation.