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Why Choose In-Home Lessons Instead of In-Studio?

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SAVE time and energy by having the lessons come to you. Lots of parents SAVE up to an hour of drive time and are able to RELAX and go on with their daily routine when the teacher is at their home.

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With basically no middle man between the student and teacher, this allows for much more flexibility in lesson start and end times. Rescheduling a lessons is as simple as sending a quick text, email, or making a phone call directly to your teacher.

Guitar Lessons
Personalized Lessons   

When you invite someone into your home on a weekly basis this creates a stronger, lasting relationship between you and your teacher. This also provides an "open door" to the entire lesson experience for anyone in the home! Talk directly with the teacher before, during, and after each and every lesson, instead of talking to a front desk receptionist.

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